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Our Meads

Bartholomews Meadery

Bartholomews is a family run honey business producing high quality honey and mead products. Mead is produced from hives that are kept in the most pristine forests and natural bush land of Western Australia’s south west. Bartholomew’s search carefully in order to be able to provide varietal honeys, with the result that each honey is very different in flavour.

They pride themselves on producing the cleanest, purest unprocessed honey possible with no chemicals or antibiotics used, and each hive being unpainted on the inside, ensuring they adhere to organic guidelines.

Owners, James and Careena Kellie, also run Harewood Estate and Apricus Hill Wines. Award winning winemaker James brings his skill and craft across to the meads produced at Bartholomews.

bartholomews meadery

Sparkling Cyser
– 7.5% ABV (750ml)

A cyser is a blend between apples (or apple cider) and mead.

To create this sparkling cyser, the finest heritage cider apples and pure raw honey have been fermented in bottle using the methode traditionelle technique from winemaking. The result is this delicious sparkling number. Due to the production method it is very limited release.

Serve using a tulip shaped flute in the same way as finest French champagne.


Sweet Forest Mead – 11.5% ABV (750ml)

Traditional mead which is made with raw moort honey to produce a delicious dessert style mead. It is a full-bodied mead with a rich honey aroma and flavour. Well balanced, a lovely texture and clean finish.

We recommend enjoying it with poached pears, stewed fruits or creamy cheddar cheeses. This is a great alternative for those enjoy a sweeter style of wine such as riesling, zinfandel, muscat or port.

Serve chilled in a white wine glass with smaller rim.


Citrus Mead
– 11.5% ABV (750ml)

This melomel consists of honey fermented with grapefruit (15%) to produce a wonderfully tart mead with a dry finish. It is a pale straw yellow in colour and is floral on the nose. on the palate it has honey character with touches of grapefruit.

This mead is recommended to be served over ice with a twist of lemon as a long drink. Perfect on a summer’s afternoon.

Best served in a highball (long glass).


Berry Mead
– 11.0% ABV (750ml)

This melomel consists of honey fermented with blackcurrants (2%) to produce a beautiful rose style mead.

Perfect to take along to BBQ’s – this mead is best paired with chicken, fresh salads and the flavours of coriander, ginger, chilli and lime. It also matches wonderfully with thai food.

Best served in a flared lip rose glass.


Metheglin Spiced Mead – 12% ABV (750ml)

This is metheglin consists of a traditional honey fermented mead spiced with ginger, cinnamon, cloves and rosemary. It has a rich, spicy aroma on the nose which is beautifully married with the honey to produce a superb mead. This mead is ready to drink now or can cellar for several years.

Best paired with cheese and fruit. It is also versatile as it can be enjoyed chilled or warmed (think mulled wine). If serving warm on a winter’s night, warm the metheglin like milk (and do not boil).

To enhance the flavours, serve in a white wine glass with a smaller rim.


Honey Liqueur
– 18.0% ABV (375ml)

This is a traditional fortified honey liqueur made with a selection of premium honeys from the south coast of Western Australia and fortified with Brandy spirit.
The result is a thick, smooth sticky which is rounded rich and sweet flavour. It has a great nose and long palate – absolutely stunning. It can either be enjoyed today or as a great addition to your cellar.

When enjoyed as an aperitif or digestif, serve with a liqueur glass to accentuate the flavour and allow optimal release of the aromas.


Maxwell Meads

The original mead. Making wine from honey instead of grapes was first introduced to Australia by Ken Maxwell whose devotion to the ancient craft created the benchmark for modern mead-making around the world.

After a decade or more experimenting with different honey’s and yeasts the famous Maxwell Honey Mead was born. The first commercial label was released in 1966 and with it, the birth the Australian mead industry.

Today, Maxwell Mead is Australia’s favourite honey wine and the most successful range in the Southern Hemisphere. If you’ve never tried a honey wine, you couldn’t pick a better range. Because Maxwell Mead is Maxwell-made.

Honey Mead
– 12.5% ABV (750ml)

This is original mead.

Bright, golden hues. Floral beeswax and nutty marmalade-like aromas.
Refreshingly light on palate, subtle apricot and honey characters fill the mouth. Predictably sweet but not cloying.

Serve chilled over ice in a stemless
wine glass.


Spiced Mead
– 12.5% ABV (750ml)

In the early 70’s Ken Maxwell began selling his famous honey mead with an envelope of spice to allow mead drinkers to ‘mull’ their mead at home. These days all the hard work is done for you with this secret and finely honed family recipe.

Pale amber with golden hues. Heady aromas of cinnamon, nutmeg and clove, with honey and citrus undertones. Liquid hot cross buns. These spicy characters are carried through on the palate where they fill the mouth with a complex and satisfying array of flavours.

Serve warm in a brandy baloon or stemless wine glass.


Sparkling Mead
– 5.0% ABV (24 x 330ml)

A contemporary and delicious session mead. Refreshing and pure, this addition to the Maxwell range puts mead firmly in the realm of everyday summer drinking.

With a delicate bead and flavoured with subtle hints of ginger, this mead is at home on the beach or around the barbeque.


Liqueur Mead
– 20.0% ABV (375ml)

In the early 80’s Mark Maxwell embarked on a journey to produce a mead of such style and complexity as to befit this heritage. By the mid-eighties, Maxwell Liqueur Mead was born.

Starting with a base of Spiced Mead, a secret herb & spice infusion is added, and then the mead is fortified. Spending twelve to fifteen months in old bourbon barrels in Maxwell’s cellars completes this limited release mead.

Twice awarded ‘best dessert mead’ at the International Mead Festival Competition in the USA.



Yume embodies a dream for a future in which we intuitively live and work harmoniously with one another and nature. Inspired by working with like-minded vineyards and apiarists, they strive to create an experience that transcends time and place in the glass.

Each ambrosia is made with a minimal intervention approach of “nothing added, nothing taken away” and is bottled in a petillant natural style to create a light spritz in the bottle. We think they’re delicious as a result. And we hope that you do too.

Honey offers a unique insight into distinctive terroirs that have not been farmed or manipulated. Yume work selectively with honeys from migratory beekeepers to understand and reflect the seasons and endemic floral resources. In doing so, we hope to gain and share with you an insight into our unique flora and fauna, the geological and climatic processes that govern them and how environmental management can be optimised for healthy, robust ecosystems.

Esperance Merrit Honey Ambrosia
– 6.0% ABV (750ml)

From a pocket of Merrit (Eucalyptus flocktoniae) with an average tree age over 100 years in the world’s largest temperate woodlands, stretching over 40,000,000 acres and recognised as one of most biodiverse bioregions on earth.

Made simply from honey and rain water, this lightly sparkling ambrosia is dry, intensely floral, and encapsulates all the complexity of the woodlands from which the honey was derived.

Serve chilled.


Honey Red
– 11.1% ABV (750ml)

We love light reds that are delicate and ethereal, yet earthy and structured. That’s what this is all about, with the most gentle of spritz’, a good dollop of juiciness and plummy tannins to keep things grounded.

Mallee honey from Boxwood Hill, Cabernet Franc from Mount Barker, Merlot from Albany and rainwater from Pemberton are blended to create something that is not quite ambrosia, not quite wine.

Apiculture by Pemberton Honey, viticulture by Express Winemakers and Oranje Tractor Farm. Made by Lou.


Yandee Ambrosia
– 5.5% ABV (750ml)

Yandee is an Aboriginal name for York Gum. It’s sweet on the front palate, with a very fine acid line and lots of high notes. This comes from Nanda People’s land, just north and inland from Kalbarri. Aromatic, with delicate flavours and refreshing acidity driving a long palate layered with phenolic complexity, this will match equally well with lighter dishes such as raw seafood or roast chicken with tarragon.

Fermented for 10 months on full lees then bottled with a touch of residual sugar for spritz (petillant naturel style). Apiculture by Home Hill Honey, made by Lou.


Ambrosia Nat
– 9.5% ABV (750ml)

Yate honey from Needilup, Merlot from Albany, Cabernet Franc from Mount Barker and rainwater from Pemberton are blended and fermented in old hogsheads to create a marriage of these two styles that is delicate yet bold. It tastes just like fresh strawberry juice.

Fresh and fun but still a tiny bit serious. The kind of drink you could settle in with on a cold winter’s night or just as easily drink with a picnic in the park.

Bottled with 10g/L of residual sugar for spritz. Apiculture by Pemberton Honey, viticulture by Oranje Tractor Farm and Express Winemakers, made by Lou.


Yaaraan Ambrosia
– 5.5% ABV (750ml)

Yaaran is an Aboriginal name for Red River Gum. A medium-bodied honey with the sweetness slightly more dominant on the back palate, it tastes like dried peach. This comes from Pindjarup, south of Perth. Biscuity aromatics with a hint of wax, the palate is weighted more towards the back with a delicate sour plum character, round tannins, drying phenolics and creamy texture. Versatile with vegetables, cooked seafood dishes and soft cheese.

Fermented for 10 months on full lees then bottled with touch of remaining sugar for spritz (petillant naturel style). Apiculture by Sawyer’s Apiaries, made by Lou.


Marri Ambrosia
– 8.5% ABV (750ml)

Marri is an Aboriginal name for Red Gum, one of the most important floral species in the Western Australian landscape, the heart of the forest. It’s tends to be a very balanced honey, with a medium-bodied palate and pleasing length. This comes from the Armadale area. Aromatic, with red fruits and savoury tannins framing the palate. Think bolder vegetable dishes, fatty fish, chicken or pork.

Fermented for 10 months on full lees then bottled with a touch of residual sugar for spritz (petillant naturel style). Apiculture by Sawyer’s Apiaries, made by Lou.


Daringa Cellars

In 1970, Ken Maxwell (the father of Austrlian mead) started a small self-contained winery on the eastern edge of his property, and named it Daringa Cellars. Here he and wife Margaret made and sold very high quality red and white wine. In addition, they began to sell an ancient drink, Mead, made from fermented honey. In 1979, Ken sold Daringa to the Dennis family and with Margaret and son Mark, started Maxwell Wines. Daringa Cellars remains owned by the Dennis family to this day.

Old-School Metheglin
– 10.0% ABV (750ml)

Naturally fermented from Australian honey, it possesses an intense aroma of honeycomb and wax, like birthday candles. The palate is unctuous and flavour-rich. Mid-palate of red apple, cloves at the forefront, cinnamon, nutmeg, caramel. The finish has mild tartness, honey warmth and a clean mellow sweet finish. This is a big, sticky, spicy old-school mead.


Three Horn Brewing

Friends Sam, Zac and Michael are the hard-working brewers behind Three Horn Brewing which is based in Western Victoria.

Sam is a beekeeper and all honey used in their recipes comes from his local apiaries ensuring that the regions amazing honey variety’s are showcased.

The team pride themselves on utilising premium produce from the surrounding area to enhance their Mead range at the same time as creating supply chains to support with local regional businesses.

Traditional Mead
– 12.0% ABV (700ml)

Water, Honey and Yeast

This simple yet elegant Mead uses our Yellow Gum honey to create a full flavoured, juicy and fruity beverage that will tant0lise your tastebuds

Beautifully straw coloured clear mead with a plush mouth feel. Sweet with forward floral honey notes, juicy fruit flavours and fun funky esters from our house yeast.

Serve chilled. Perfect Aperitif served on ice.


Blueberry Mead
– 14.0% ABV (700ml)

Rose colored with berry notes on the nose. Local western Victorian bush honey with juicy delicious blueberries resulting in a full flavored, full body melomel that is warm like a port,with a luscious, fruity, crisp finish.

Serve at room temperature. Best enjoyed with a cheese board.


Orange Mead
– 14.0% ABV (500ml)

Brewed with fresh oranges and citrus zest to create a delicately balanced melomel with a rich golden colour.

The citrus zest of the oranges combined with the sweetness of the honey pair perfectly while the slight bitter from the peel balances the mead.

Serve chilled or shaken up with crushed ice cocktail style.


Viking Blood Mead
– 12.5% ABV (700ml)

Historically Vikings created their own Mead using honey, herbs and berries, this was their drink for all occasions including there many bloody victories. In Ode to these times, we have created our very own “Viking Blood Mead”

Barrel aged dry mead has been fermented with Cherry, Hibiscus and Pomegranate creating a crisp and clean taste.

A brilliant ruby colour this dry mead provides sweetness to the palette through its cherrie flavours and light honey notes. Hybiscus floral notes and tastes tingle around the pallet creating complexity in this mead.

Served chilled. Best accompanying a light chicken or fish meal.


Barrel Aged Traditional Mead
– 13.0% ABV (700ml)

Victorian Red Gum honey is used to create a rich and vibrant semi sweet mead. The honey provides a bold flavor with toffee notes and offers a delightful sweetness to this off sweet Mead. Aged first on charred oak to provide a whiskey like profile of tannins then transferred to a Shiraz barrel which provides additional depth and colour.

Yellow golden color with floral and toffee notes from the red gum honey, on the back end this mead has a full mouthfeel and vanilla notes.

Serve chilled. Best enjoyed like a whiskey in a glass with a block of ice. 


Harcourt Valley

Harcourt Valley is run by two brothers, Kye and Quinn Livingstone. Quinn has a background in winemaking and has used this knowledge to venture out into beers and meads that are hand crafted in a similar fashion to a wine.

When making a wine, winemakers aim to extract as much colour and flavour from the fruit as possible.  This philosophy is applied to his brews involving rasberry, ginger and mango.

The Ginger Kid
– 4.5% ABV (24 x 330ml)

Quinn has created a ginger beer that tastes like a ginger beer should – crisp, clean and full of strong ginger flavour!

Awarded Best In Show at the 2016 Hong Kong International Beer Awards.