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The Home of Mead in Australia

Yiri Distribution is the first and only dedicated mead wholesaler in Australia. Contact us to taste for yourself and stock the best range of Mead at your venue.

Yiri Distribution is your dedicated mead supplier

Contact us to learn more about the great range of products we offer, at the best prices and everything else mead related. We’d love to chat!

“…I just love that their is now a dedicated business that knows and understands everything happening in mead!…”


We seek to help people rediscover mead

Our team is a blend of people who share a common passion for bringing new experiences to our customers. They are happy to help at any time and answer your questions.

Featured Brands

The burgeoning Australian industry seeks to reimagine and reinvent mead, to bring it into current times, and make it relevant for today.

Bartholomews Meadery

Award winning winemaker James Kellie brings his skill and craft across to the world of mead.


Maxwell Mead

The original mead. Home of the first Australian commercial label released in 1966.



Minimal intervention ambrosia with a “nothing added, nothing taken away” approach.


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Here are some generic answers to frequently asked questions. If you have more questions, or futher clarification, please email us at

How can I place an order?

For the general public you can visit our store and purchase a minimum of 6 bottles or a case.

If you are a liquor merchant you can either call us on +61 403 064 649 or email us at

I am not yet a customer, how can I order some wine?

If you have a liquor licence, simply email us and we will send you a customer application form to fill out. We will then set you up with an account.

For the general public you can visit our store and purchase a minimum of 6 bottles or a case through our website.

I don’t have a liquor licence but I want to purchase one of your wines.

For the general public you can visit our store and purchase a minimum of 6 bottles or a case.

If you are wanting to purchase a lower quantity, feel free to send us an email or give us a call and we can help you find a local retailer.

I’ve placed an order for some wine, when will it arrive?

We offer a next day dispatched, as long as you order by midday (AWST) we can get your order dispatched the next day.

If you need same day dispatch and delivery we can arrange a courier for you at your own expense.

bartholomews meadery

Wine Style

These delicious meads can be enjoyed during a variety of occasions, given their versatile flavor profiles. They offer a range of fantastic pairings depending on the individual mead.

Complexity and balance are the two foremost considerations that meadmakers take into account when producing a quality mead, followed quickly by mouthfeel. For example, many have a mouth feel somewhat similar to a medium or fuller-bodied white wine, such as viognier or chardonnay.

Session Style

Low-ABV meads (just under 7%) are more reminiscent of beer than they are wine. Slightly carbonated and ultra-refreshing, these meads are gaining popularity rapidly with brewers experimenting with mead.

Perfect for sipping at picnics, boat trips, and socially-distant BBQ’s amongst friends. There are now a diverse range of meads (although some are still marketed as “beer”), which promise to satisfy a diverse array of palates. The only thing more fun than diving into the crafty labels and unique names of these meads is actually drinking them! 


With the rise of craft cocktail culture, in which bartenders have become amateur chemists creating complex mixtures with arcane ingredients, mead has emerged as a real player.

For example, drinks that require an orange liqueur, such as a margarita, can use a mead infused with orange or even pineapple instead of triple sec or Cointreau. If you’re making a rum cocktail like a mojito or a Mai Tai, you can use mead instead of rum. And sangria works great with mead rather than red wine.